Japanese billionaire unveils the 8 artists he’ll fly to the moon on SpaceX’s Starship dearMoon flight

‘Everyday Astronaut’ was created by one of the eight.

For the first-ever expedition focused on artists, a Japanese millionaire chose the other members of his team.

Eight passengers will be travelling with Yusaku Maezawa on the dearMoon mission, which hopes to utilize a SpaceX Starship to fly around the moon as soon as next year. Yusaku Maezawa is an online fashion retailer who built his fortune.

Maezawa is heard saying in the film in Japanese with an in-video translation, “I hope each and every one will grasp the responsibility that comes with leaving the Earth, traveling to the moon, and returning.”
The previously anticipated launch date of 2023, however, may be significantly delayed as Starship has not even received approval for a mission to the moon, much less an orbit around the Earth.

As SpaceX waits for the Federal Aviation Administration’s permission for the environmental assessment standards at its Starbase launch facility in South Texas, the spacecraft has been grounded for more than 18 months.
In a video from the dearMoon YouTube channel, each member of the cast was briefly mentioned, and the announcement was verified on Dodd’s and Maezawa’s Twitter accounts (opens in new tab).

Dodd adds in the video, “I don’t know what it’s going to do to me emotionally, and I think that’s part of the journey.

Adam adds I anticipate significant personal and professional transformation as a result of our endeavor.

A few views of Starship being tested are also seen in the film, including at least one of the static burns of the SpaceX system.
Following a contentious “girlfriend contest” for a now-defunct space mission, Maezawa’s dearMoon project was unveiled in 2018 with the goal of sending astronauts to the moon. Maezawa is covering the cost of the crew’s seats.

Maezawa did not make clear what credentials were need to join the expedition when applications for dearMoon started in August 2021.

The Japanese businessman traveled to the International Space Station for a brief while in December of that year, together with his cameraman Yozo Hirano and many Russian cosmonauts, on a Soyuz spacecraft during launch and landing.

During several Artemis program flights, Starship has also been charged with delivering NASA astronauts to the moon. Another billionaire, Dennis Tito, has reportedly reserved a place for himself and his wife Akiko on a future voyage around the moon in 2021.

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