Can Aging Be Reversed? Scientists Are On The Verge Of Turning It Into A Reality

Numerous scientific businesses are poised to provide age-reversal treatments as a result of considerable anti-aging research and investment from billionaires.

Altos Labs is the newest player in the biotech industry. It was established earlier this year and has four Nobel laureates on its board. Altos Labs has several well-known investors, including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, with a $3 billion fundraising round.

One of the esteemed researchers at Altos laboratories, Prof. Horvath, told SkyNews that aging is different from the rust that builds up on a car and that it involves more than simply disintegration. “Instead, you may alter some processes and manipulate them. In some ways, I think of aging as a software bug.”

Unbelievably, Jeanne Calment, who passed away in France in 1997 at the age of 122, was the oldest person to ever survive.

BioAge Labs CEO Kristen Fortney told the newspaper that there are “no hard constraints imposed by biology or by physics that says we can’t live better for longer.” BioAge Labs is focused on identifying the aging indicators and is doing it by using a significant volume of blood and tissue samples from biobanks.

The business has already identified a therapeutic target that delays mice’s loss of muscle due to aging.

“We discovered that middle-aged persons with greater levels of apelin in their blood were living longer, with better muscular function and improved cognitive function as they aged,” Fortney told Express. “There is a protein called apelin that circulates in the blood.”

“We demonstrated that this medication might enhance muscular function in aged mice by administering it to them. It made them run more quickly on their wheels, grew their muscles, strengthened their grips, and “the CEO of BioAge Labs stated.

The last step is to replicate the same outcomes in older people, and an experiment is now being conducted in this regard.

The California-based Salk Institute for Biological Studies, which conducts scientific research, is another player in the race against time. Through their research and a process known as cell rejuvenation treatment, institute researchers were able to slow down the aging process in middle-aged and old mice. Reprogramming molecules were used in the procedure to revert the cells to a younger condition.

“We are thrilled that we can apply this strategy throughout the lifespan to delay aging in healthy animals. In mice, the method is both secure and efficient “Salk’s Gene Expression Laboratory professor Juan Carlos stated.

The interest in anti-aging is only going to increase. Express reports that a study by P&S Intelligence predicts that by 2030, the global anti-aging business would have grown from its present value of $191.5 billion to an astounding $421.4 billion.

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